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Description Kingwood Box The lid and base of this beautiful box are connected with hand chased threads. The box was turned “off-center” which caused the lid to slant.

*Stabilizing Wood

This process begins by placing soft or punky wood in a vacuum chamber. The air inside the wood is replaced with an acrylic resin that hardens when the wood is heated in an oven. Stabilized wood increases in density and makes it suitable for turning on a lathe. Chasing threads requires a fairly hard, dense wood. Stabilizing wood that is normally too soft, like Cherry, produces wood that is excellent for taking a good thread with hand tools.

Chasing Threads with hand tools

I have chased threads in many of my lidded boxes and containers and all of my burial urns. Using hand tools to ”chase” threads is a skill practiced by a relatively small number of woodturners today. At an earlier time in history, when glues were scare or impossible to find, chasing threads to connect the lid to the base of a container was an option that provided some security to the precious contents within. This video (link below) helps explain the tradition of chasing threads with hand tools:



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