Off Center Chuck

Various off-center chucks are available in the market place but deal with smaller pieces for the most part. I offer a different off-center jig suitable for pendants and other smaller items. Robert Sorby offers an off-center unit, but it has no accommodation for using a full sized scroll chuck like the Amazing Off-Center Chuck does. It is also quite a bit more expensive than the Amazing Off-Center Chuck™

The maximum off-center setting is slightly over 1" resulting in slightly more than 2 inches out of round. That is a lot! Each adjusting hole is designed at 10 degrees and will result in approximately 0.25" offset. For those times when one needs to index their turning (pendants and platter rims for example) I will be introducing a very affordable and easy to use  indexing system shortly for use with the user supplied 4 jaw scroll chuck.

Amazing Off-Center Chuck Type 2

Amazing Off-Center Chuck Type 2

  Everything you need to do off-center turning with your user provided 4 jaw chuck, etc.     Ba..

$159.99 $179.99

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