Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools 8 inch

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Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools



Thank you for your overwhelming support of my new Universal Setting Jig for use in sharpening your spindle and bowl gouges. I am thrilled at the response.

Many of you asked about the other side of the grinder, the platform. You wanted to know if I had something which would enable the same kind of accuracy in sharpening the Å“4 Other Tools. So, I came up with a jig to use to correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges, Parting Tools, Skews & Bowl Scrapers. I„ve named it the Å“Quad Setting Jig since one jig sets the correct angels for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. It is also available for immediate shipment.

Includes Quad-Setting-Jig only does not include sharpening system OR lathe tool, colors may vary. Only for eight inch grinding wheel systems.








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