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Turners Indexing Wheel

Indexing wheels are used in any situation where equal divisions are needed. They are absolutely mandatory for basket weave illusions, fluting, barley twists, open segmented turning and regular segmented turning. They are very useful for layout marking in advance for carving both power carving and hand carving.  

The Master Set includes 6 disks and the Locking Assembly with Carbide Locking Pin. Specify the spindle diameter for your lathe. The indexing wheel is mounted onto the lathe spindle before the chuck is threaded on. When the chuck is tightened it locks the indexing wheel solidly in place. Each disk has two rows of locking pinholes, the second set has 1/2 as many as the first. 180/90, 120/60, 96/48, 72/36, 48/24, 32/16.

The Lock Assembly anchors to the lathe bed with a bolt and knob. It is designed to be universal and should mount to any standard lathe bed from 10-inch mini lathes to 20-inch lathes and larger. It includes a carbide locking pin which quickly changes from one division to the next in about 4 seconds.

You may order Indexing Wheels individually then add the Locking Assembly if you don't need the Master Set.

Note: The Locking Assembly must be ordered together with at least one Indexing Wheel.

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