Longworth Type 2 Combo For 20 inch & Up Lathes

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what you get-

Both Longworth and Doughnut Chuck capabilities.

20" LWC-2 with 1.25"x8tpi faceplate installed (other thread sizes available on request)

1 doughnut ring with 9" opening

1 doughnut ring with 6" opening

1 6" to 4" Reducer Ring

Solid Ring Set with openings of 5", 4", 3.5" 3", 2.5" and 2"

Hardware includes 4" & 8" bolts, washers and wingnuts



When dealing with chucks this large a little run-out or wobble is natural simply due to the HDPE plastic material used in its construction and the sheer size of the assembly spinning on the lathe. HDPE is practically indestructible and tough as nails but it is plastic and as such subject to some movement. This could be due to changes in temperature or simply how the bolts are tightened. I've never been bothered by it but some customers have been. If you are prepared to accept some minor wobble and work around it, you will be amazed at this new improved version which rolls two popular types of chucks into one unit. I re-engineered the new version so you can use both modes at the same time. It is literally the best of both worlds.


Longworth Chuck and Doughnut Chuck in one unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Question     Which one is better, Longworth or Doughnut?

Answer)         It depends on the shape of the vessel. For traditional smaller bowls & plates, the Longworth Style is more self-centering and a bit faster to set up. You still have to use the tailstock for extra support until you get down to the last 1 or so.

Answer)        For larger plates, platters or bowls, the doughnut chuck provides a more secure hold. You have to take care to make sure the vessel is centered and setup takes a bit longer.

Answer)        For vessels which are more vases like (taller rather than shorter) the doughnut chuck is a clear winner.

2) Question     What is the difference between a Type 1 Longworth and a Type 2 Longworth Chuck?

Answer)        Type 1 has been on the market for almost 10 years and has gained worldwide acceptance. It uses the traditional configuration, but is equipped with a steel mounting disk on the back designed to be held in the jaws of a 4 Jaw woodworking scroll chuck. Both disks in a Type 1 Longworth Chuck are .25 phenolic with a 1/8 disk of UHMW plastic (Ultra High Molecular Weight) sandwiched in between to reduce friction. This isnžt needed with HDPE plastic.

Answer)        The Type 2 Longworth Chuck is different in 3 major areas:

i)        The disks are ½ HDPE (high density polyethylene) and there is no UHMU layer needed.

ii)      The Type 2 is equipped with a threaded faceplate and threads directly onto the lathe spindle.

iii)    An OPTIONAL accessory is a set of Doughnut rings for use with the Type 2 Longworth Style Chuck only. The Type 2 chuck may be used in the traditional Longworth scrolling mode or as a traditional Doughnut Chuck with doughnut rings.


3) Question     What are the thread sizes for the faceplates?

Answer)        Both the 10 and the 12 Longworth Type 2 chucks come with a 1 x 8 tpi faceplate suitable for lathes able to swing up to 14 in diameter.

Answer)        The 16 Longworth Type 2 comes with a 1-1/4 x 8 tpi faceplate commonly found on lathes able to swing 16 and larger.

Answer)        I will offer M33x3.5 option for an extra charge. These will be special orders and require additional manufacturing time.

4) Question     If I already have a Longworth Chuck Type 1, do I need the type 2?

Answer)        Only if you turn items where the tailstock canžt be used. You should probably be using the Amazing Doughnut Chuck.

5) Question     If I already have an Amazing Doughnut Chuck but want a Longworth?

Answer)        The Longworth Chuck Type 2 is directly compatible with ALL of the doughnut rings which came with your Amazing Doughnut Chuck. That includes the top plate, the big hole top plate and all rings in the notched ring set. This is true for the 10, 12 and 16 sizes. Note: The Amazing Doughnut Chuck HDPE parts are yellow while the Longworth Type 2 are black HDPE.

6) Question     Is the Longworth Type 1 Chuck still available?

Answer)        Yes, absolutely. We have no plans to discontinue the Type 1 version made of phenolic intended to be held by a regular 4 jaw scroll chuck. This is a similar, but different product. The 20" Type 1 has been discontinued.

7) Question     Can I use the Longworth Type 2 in Longworth Mode and Doughnut Chuck mode together both at the same time?

Answer)        Yes, we have redesigned the Type 2 so you can enjoy the self-centering features of the Longworth scrolling feature and the extra security of the doughnut ring at the same time.

8) Question     If I decide to get just a Longworth Chuck Type 2 without the doughnut ring option, can I get the rings later?

Answer)        Yes, the doughnut rings are always available alone or in sets apart from the Longworth Type 2 or apart from the Amazing Doughnut Chuck.

9) Question     What is included in the optional Doughnut Ring Upgrade for the Longworth Type 2?

Answer)        For the 10 and 12 sizes there is a doughnut ring with a 6 opening and a smaller ring with a 4 opening. Hardware includes 4 and 8 bolts 3/8 x 16 tpi,  4 tightening knobs and washers. That size bolt is readily available in many different lengths at hardware stores and box stores.

Answer)       For the 16 size Longworth Type 2 chuck you would also receive a Big Hole Top Plate with a 9 opening in addition to all of the hardware and other doughnut rings just mentioned.

10) Question       What about weight?

Answer)       Weight is a consideration. The entire assembly of the Longworth Type 2 in Doughnut Chuck mode is about the same as a bowl blank before it is turned and hollowed. If your lathe is able to turn that much weight efficiently, you shouldnžt have any problem with the weight of the Longworth Type 2 assembly.

11) Question      Are the holding capacities the same between the Longworth Type 1 and the Longworth Type 2?

Answer)        They are very similar but not exactly the same. The minimum diameter is a bit smaller with the Longworth Type 2 because the faceplate is usually smaller that a four jaw chuck used to hold the Longworth Type 1.  The Maximum holding diameter is almost the same for both types.

For the 20" Model the minimum is approximately 4-1/2". The maximum in compression (outside of the vessel) is approximately 17-3/4".

12) Question      Are the combo packs less expensive than if I get them individually?

Answer)        All manufacturers offer a discounted package prices due to manufacturing efficiencies.


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