7088 Three Piece Carbide Mini Turning Set

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7088 Three Piece Carbide Mini Turning Set

The 3 Piece Carbide Tool - Pen Turning Set is designed for turning pens or any other small turning project that requires getting into small or tight areas. The round carbide and 2inch radius Carbide cutters are able to be rotated when they become dull to to give you a quick sharp edge for turning with out having to stop and sharpen your edge. When all edges have been used up simply replace it with a new cutter. The carbide cutters stay sharper than steel for a longer period of time. This set includes 3 essential tools, the 2inch radius carbide tool is a square shape cutter with a 2inch radius for convex or flat areas, the round Carbide is for producing smooth finish and general purpose turning and the carbide parting tool is used for tight profiles. Each handle is approximately 6-9/16" in length and designed with a comfort grip that has molded rubber for easy grip and less fatigue while turning.


  • 1 ea. Round Carbide Turning Tool
  • 1 ea. 2inch Radius Carbide Turning Tool
  • 1 ea. 1/8" Carbide Parting Tool
  • 1 ea. wrench


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