Bottlestopper Blank

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As you may understand the casting process is very complicated and time consuming. Let us cast your blank and make your work exciting and awesome! Our skills and knowledge of the medium will benefit your project greatly, you can trust our workmanship. We have your thoughts and consideration for the perfect design in mind, we make artwork to send out in a blank form. there are many different colors and the general colors are here. if you need help on creativity please select the abstract and let the fun begin. If you don't know what size you'd like to buy, then order one of each. If you don't know which color to start with then there's always your favorite colors.

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  • Amber color style is transparent

  • Ocean color style is transparent

  • Red color style is transparent

  • Green color style is transparent

  • all general styles are clear when considering a bottlestopper blank  

We only use Alumilite polyurethane gem like resin, It has a beautiful crystal clear transparent appearance when needed with superior polish-ability. 




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