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2 inch Easy Buff tm Bowl Buffing Kits 7352

Sales price $34.99

Easy Buffž Bowl Buffing Kits

Specially designed to work into the concave surfaces of bowls, Bowl Buffs are offered in several diameters for choosing a size best suited for your work. The buffs are available in three different Fabrics. Each buff works in conjunction with special wax compound. The buffs are generally used on a lathe, but can be also used on a standard motor or even a drill, The buffs mount to a lathe using a lathe adaptor (#7357 or #7358 Sold Separately). Mount to a Motor using the 3-1/2inch Mounting Hub (#7350 Not Included). The Buffs may also Be Used on a drill or drill press with the the use of a bowl buff drill adaptor (#7355 Not Included)

Easy Buff Bowl Buffing Kits Include:

  • 1 ea. Linen Buff Ball
    (Red for use with Tripoli #7359)
  • 1 ea. Linen & Cotton Buff Ball
    (White for use with White Diamond #7361)
  • 1 ea. Cotton Flannel Ball
    (Yellow for use with Carnauba Wax #7360)


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