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Ron Brown„s Best, LLC Laser Cut Glue-Up Kits

I am excited to announce an entirely new product Laser Cut Glue-Up Kits. They are perfect for making fancy Christmas ornaments, turned lidded boxes, pendants, segmented work, bowl inserts, etc. And a million more things I haven„t discovered just yet. The idea is to provide you with Laser cut kits which you glue onto a user supplied core block to make an item with 4 panels each having a thick inlay. These panels are thick enough to turn unlike veneer or marquetry. But, you are not restricted to the sides. These are perfect for the top of a lidded box, the bottom of a bowl, plate or platter, the top of a bottle stopper. . . there is no end to the applications. Here are some examples:

Butterfly Triple Cross Heart Dot Flower Diamond/Falling Box Ribbon 


 1 Pocket Panels measuring 1.75 X 3 X ~.25 with a shape cutout to hold the design (butterfly, cross, etc.) Material will be either Cherry or Maple

1 Sets of Objects (some have multiple pieces) Ready for you to glue up and turn. Material will be either Wood or Acrylic, which ever is appropriate for that design.

There are enough sets to make 1 item with panels on 4 sides, or 4 lidded box tops, or 1bottle stopper tops, etc.

User supplies the core material, I like walnut and cherry.I expect to add new designs weekly and welcome feedback as to what you would like to see next. Let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



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